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A Safe Operation of Transformerless Multilevel Inverter with PV Negative Terminal Ground Connected

In safe operation of the transformerless multilevel inverter, the important problem should be eliminated is common mode leakage current (CMLC). The CMLC can be eliminated by connecting the photovoltaic inverter’s (PVI) negative terminal to the grid neutral point, due to which photovoltaic stray capacitance is bypassed. In this paper for the elimination of CMLC, the required MOSFETs switches are reduced which indirectly reduces the conduction losses. The switching pattern for generation of multilevel output while maintaining the capacitor voltage&the proposed inverter topology is studied thoroughly.The MATLAB simulation of the proposed topology also presented in detail. Keywords - Transformerless Inverter, Common Mode Leakage Current (CMLC), Multilevel Inverter, Photovoltaic (PV) System.