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Security for Electrical Lineman with Feeder Switching

In the past few decades many speech technologies and voice responding systems are been introduced and implemented for the safety and security of the electrical line for the safety of his life. The contribution of our project is to design and develop lifesaving security system to their electrical lineman who works on high voltage line by providing him with voice message to alert him that can save his life and to provide an automatic feeder switching whenever permanent fault is located in the electrical power lines. At the transmitter end, the controller enables the user to give voice signal. If the signal is right then the user can turn ON/OFF the lines. If the system lines are turned ON the controller sends a warning signal with the help of RF wireless transmitter. A voice recognizing device is been interfaced with the controller that enables the line to either be turned ON/OFF. Keywords - Life Saving; Feeder Switching; RF Wireless Transmitter; Interfaced.