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Noninvasive Near-Field Array Probe Design for Internal Body Temperature Measurement

The array antenna designed in this paper is used to receive the EM wave which come from human thermal radiation of the muscle tissue under the real skin based. The simulation is based on the phantom model made by pig skin gelatin. The proposed array antenna is a 2×2 circular patch antenna, and the microstrip line is used to control the antenna phase. The impedance bandwidth of the 10dB return loss is about 1.573-1.734 GHz, which is equivalent to 9.7%, which covers well on 1.575GHz Radiometer operating band. The study found that the weighting function of receiving a layer of interest (muscle layer) from a single antenna and an array antenna increased from 48.4% to 53.2%, and the influence of the presence or absence of the overlay increased from 32.5% to 53.2%. The results show that the array antenna can increase the sensitivity of the radiation temperature measurement system. Keywords—Array Antenna, Radiometry, Near-Field Probe, Patch Antenna