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Novelty Work on Inter-Turn Fault in a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generatorq

Generator is the one of the primary source of electric power and is responsible for the stability and security of a power system. This ensures the performance of the whole system. Good power quality is can be assured only when the supply voltage is maintained within the prescribed range, steady ac frequency close to the rated value, and smooth voltage curve waveform. A well-designed system ensures maximum power supply and robust performance without any hindrance. However, due to different types of faults, the system fails in providing the required power to the load, which is not desired. Among all of the faults of synchronous generator inter- turn fault is the hardest one to detect. Even though it is difficult to detect, its effect can be catastrophic. This paper demonstrates an equivalent circuit for inter turn fault in a permanent magnet synchronous generator and shows the change in the output voltage in case of different numbers of turns shorted in the generator. This paper also discusses the presence of third harmonic voltage in the output voltage due to inter turn fault and shows the changes of the harmonic voltage with the change in the number of turns shorted. Keywords - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator, Inter Turn Fault, Third Harmonic Voltage.