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Analyzing Power Consumption of Pump by Different Flow Controlling Methods

One of the most important utility in any industries are the pumps. Pumps are also used at commercial levels as well as at residential levels to pump required fluid at required head along with required flow. Based on the load requirement and operating conditions pumps are selected and are run as per the operations. Along the operating period, pump efficiency also get deteriorates linearly. Decreasing pump efficiency leads to improper working of pumps leading to excess consumption of power. This excessive power consumption leads in loss of money and energy. To avoid this, efficiency of the pumps is regulated at interval basis. Based on the problems, remedies are initiated to improve pump efficiency. One of the reasons for deteriorating pump efficiency is flow controlling methods. Flows are controlled or maintained by two common methods- Valve throttling and by Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). In this article, will focus on how flow controlling methods affects the pump efficiency. Keywords - Pump efficiency, Flow controlling methods, Valve Throttling Method, Variable Frequency Drive