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Protection and Impact of Series Compensation Technology in High Voltage Transmission Line

Improving power system robustness and quality globally requires a scheme which will increase power efficiency through the increase of power transfer under both steady state and transient. Reducing the inductive reactance of long transmission line is the main purpose of series compensation to get the previous features. Many schemes of overvoltage protection for series compensation are limited in terms of size under various conditions, environments and also in term of performance. Improvement in power system makes the world enable to achieve their goals in technology, industry, and society but with increase in technology we are being facing numerous problems in power system which has to be neutralized. One of the critical problems is caused by the over voltage in series capacitor in power system during fault occur in transmission lines, in order to mitigate the fault and to have a reliable control on over voltage scenario. In this paper, MATLAB simulation is being carried out to discusses, the technique of 500 KV fixed series compensated subjected to overvoltage under faulty condition and shows results for a single-line to ground fault and a three-line to ground fault. Keywords- Impact of Series Compensation, Advantages of Series Capacitor Application in HV Transmission Line, Metal Oxid Varistor Protected (MOV), Spark Gap, Circuit Breaker (CB)