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Sound Wave Fire Extinguisher: Space and Duct Environment

Fire is necessary for human being, but Fire hazards are catastrophic in nature, leads to unrecoverable loss. The main motive for this paper is to eliminate fire disasters and hazards in the space and duct environment using sound without any pollution. The paper gives an idea of a developing device which can extinguish fire using acoustic waves. Most of the conditions when compared to space are different from the earth one of such is fire, which is the major problem in an International space station or in any other space ship. In this paper, we also compare the sound wave fire extinguishers with chemical fire extinguishers in a duct environment with obstacles such as elevator or electric wire and in space station. At the end of the experiment, it was confirmed that the fire extinguisher of the acoustic fire extinguisher which was well transmitted to the fireworks even in the structure in which the obstacle was complicated. Also, when the sound extinguisher was turned on, the long lighter did not catch fire. The pollution by acoustic or sound wave extinguisher is much less than chemical based fire extinguishers. Keywords - Sound Wave Fire extinguisher, Chemical Fire extinguisher, Fire, Sounds, Toxic.