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Neutral Floating Problem Elimination in Three Phase Four Line Power Distribution System using Grounding the Neutral Transformer Line

Neutral floating problem is common problem in three phase four-line power distribution system, its happen when the neutral line breakdown due to human mistakes or due to environmental conditions. Sometimes, it's very dangerous and led to totally system damage including the transmission line and final residential customer’s loads. This paper discusses the neutral floating conditions and proposed a simple solution by grounding the transformer neutral line. Matlab simulation is carried out for three phase –four-line power distribution system with different load impedances including Symmetrical Resistive Load, Unsymmetrical Resistive Load, Symmetrical Resistive Inductive Load and Unsymmetrical Resistive Inductive Load. Furthermore, experimental procedure for residential customers is take place for two days with step time of ten minutes for this type of power distribution system. Matlab simulation and the experimental results shows phase overvoltage's problem in case of floating neutral without grounding the transformer line, this paper overcome the neutral floating and the associated overvoltage's problem by grounding the transformer neutral line. Again, the Matlab simulation and the experimental results shows stable peak phase voltage around 230 V with very small variations in the real experiment which not affect the load and phase voltage. Keywords - Neutral Floating, Grounding The Transformer Neutral Line, Matlab, Real Experimental Procedure, Residential Customers.