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Minimization of Cost/Watt Ratio by Sizing Floating PV for PV-Hydro Hybrid on Grid Generation to Reduce the Duck Curve Phenomenon in India

Electricity demand all around the world is escalating rapidly especially in developing Asian nations such as India due to their sky rocking economic growth. To fulfill the energy demand turning towards renewable sources of energy is imperative otherwise causing atmospheric degradation and environmental downfall. Luckily India has abundant renewable resources to exploit among which solar and hydro are the primary. High subsidies for installations of solar plants as according to green policy by Government of India in the recent past has accelerated the growth of percentage of solar in the total renewable generation capacity of India. This paper examines a novel algorithm which performs optimal solar sizing for floating solar photovoltaics using multiple constraints, so as to combine with the pre-existing hydro-projects to facilitate minimization of the duck curve at its very source which is caused by the mismatch in peak generation and peak demand time of electricity. Though the problem still dormant in the Indian power scenario would definitely pose as a problem in the upcoming future as Solar’s penetration in energy generation is increasing very quickly. Keywords - 1) Duck Curve, 2) Floating Photovoltaics, 3) Solar-Hydro Hybrid Energy Generation, 4) Solar Sizing.