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Temporaryover-Voltage Analysis During Phase Opening Errors in Distribution Networks with Resonant Grounding

This article analyzes the transient voltages (TOVs) that may occur in phase-opening situations in distribution networks with resonant earth. The excessive voltages recorded during phase-opening states exceed the excess voltage associated with existing theories. A precise analytical study of temporary over-voltage is done. The term "form" is obtained for the neutral voltage packet. The conditions for maximum phase-to-ground overvoltage’s are also expressed. A case study is presented for phase-opening errors in a 33-kV distribution resonant distribution grid. The dependence of TOVs on the number of distribution feeders, feeder load, deviation coefficient of resonance, and additional damping coefficient, as well as the saturation of voltage transformers, have been analyzed. TOV reduction strategies are included. The deviation from the Paterson Coil Expansion has been compared with the constant coupling of the watt-meter resistivity in parallel with the Paterson Coil. Keywords - Phase Opening Errors, Peterson Coils, Resonant Earth Grids, Temporary Over-Voltages.