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Study on Performance Analysis of A High-Temperature Superconductor (HTS) Induction Motor

We propose the fabrication of a squirrel cage three phase Induction Motor containing High Temperature Superconductors in the rotor winding. As per the detailing of the Induction Motor, a high amount of current flowing through the winding may result in heat loss because of the presence of resistance within it. This significant amount heat loss may cause temperature rise which forces the machine to run at a lower efficiency and yields damage in the machine. By using High Temperature Superconductors, automatic cooling is done within the machine, where the motor rotates in a critical temperature. Moreover, the motor is automatically controlled depending upon its rotational mode. As well as its efficiency increases and depreciation decreases. Therefore the system becomes more economic. Keywords- Three Phase, Induction Motor, High Temperature Superconductor (HTS), Efficiency.