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Cost-Function Of Two-Dissimilar Cold Standby Units Under The Influence Of Electrical Fluctuations And Human Errors

Studies on reliability systems are currently ever on the increase, not only dominating but undoubtedly accounting for a major part of the research out-put in the areas of stochastic processes and their applications, applied probability and operation research. A large number of papers on a two unit standby redundant systems have appeared because of the large number of parameters governing system behavior and the complex environment with uncertainties. In this paper we have taken CCFM (common cause failure mode) which is caused due to some human errors. When the main unit fails due to Electrical fluctuations then cold standby system becomes operative. Voltage fluctuations cannot occur simultaneously in both the units and after failure the unit undergoes very costly repair facility immediately. Applying the regenerative point technique with renewal process theory the various reliability parameters of interest and profit analysis have been evaluated. Keywords- Cold Standby, Common Cause Failure, Electrical Fluctuations, First Come First Serve, MTSF, Availability, Busy Period, Cost-Benefit Analysis.