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Power Factor Correction for a Single Switch AC / DC Boost Converter

This paper talks about the significant issues that exist in the single-organize air conditioning/dc converters with power factor (PFC) and presents a novel converter dependent on a semi dynamic PFC conspire. Two extra windings twisted in the transformer of a customary dc/dc fly back converter are utilized to drive and accomplish constant current mode task of an info inductor. Moreover, coordinate vitality exchange ways are given through the extra windings to enhance the change effectiveness and to diminish the dc transport capacitor voltage underneath 450 V for all inclusive line applications. The proposed converter can be effortlessly intended to consent to IEC 61000-3-2 Class D necessity and to accomplish quick yield voltage control. By legitimately tuning the converter parameters, a great tradeoff between proficiency, dc transport capacitor voltage stress, and symphonious substance can be accomplished. Working standards, investigation, and test aftereffects of the proposed technique are displayed. Index Terms - AC/DC Converters, Power Factor Correction (PFC), Single Stage.