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Development of Electrical Power Systems for Gas Lift Compressor Facilities at Oil and Gas Exploration Facilities

Due to upgrading facilities of gas lift system in one of oil and gas company to get 1500 bopd and 2.5 mmscfd of gas, the electrical power systems for new gas lift system are required to be upgrading as well. One of vital package of gas l ift system is instrument air package, these package has function to provide instrument system to gas lift system operational Reliability index of instrument air package shall be 99.99 % to avoid shutdown plant and cost loss of production cost will be 6199 usd/ hours. As per calculation the new system are required 100.57 kva for normal running and 132.33 kva for peak load. Since the existing power system is not applicable to be used to support new gas lift system. There are 3 scenario are offered / developed to fulfill the power system of new gas lift system. In this paper has objectives to provide analysis of the power system which had been develop are optimum at technical and non technical. Technical evaluation criteria are including adequacy, Reliability system by using ETAP simulator, and Reliability Index so will be evaluated by reliability using simulator ETAP, calculate index reliability. For economic evaluation criteria are cost investment and loss of production. Scenario 1 is not fulfill technical evaluation, for the rest of scenario are fulfill for technical evaluation, so will be evaluated by reliability using simulator ETAP, calculate index reliability. Scenario 2 will have reliability index 0.99877676, cost of investment 587,195.32 usd and loss of production cost 70,594.21 usd. the latest scenario 3 will have reliability index 0.9999069, cost of investment 815,965.42 usd and lost of production cost 5,430.32 usd. Scenario 3 are the optimum option for the new facilities as lift system. Keywords - Electrical Power System, Reliability Block Diagram, Reliability Index, Investment Cost, Loss of production cost.