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GPS based Smartphone Application: Real Time Bus Tracking System for Educational Institutions

GPS (Global Positioning System) based tracking system has many applications in today's world, including vehicle tracking, child tracking, any equipment tracking, etc. These services offer many advantages to the mobile users to retrieve the information about their current location and process that data to get more useful information. The development of a bus tracking system for android based smartphone with the aim of enabling educational institution students, faculties and staffs to locate their buses with ease and in a convenient manner. The system consists of two sides, server side and client side. The client side provides the facility to the user to track buses remotely through the mobile network or WIFI and the server side's main responsibility is to provide the exact location of the bus to the server . Any type of user can see the live location of their desire bus with only 5 seconds of update interval. This will reduce unnecessary hassle and waiting time for the users. It will provide multiple services to the user based on their category. Keywords - Bus tracking, Global Positioning System (GPS), Smartphone application, Google Maps API, Android platform