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Mobile Phones for Jaw Crusher Motor Control of Mining Industry

This article presents process in mining industry factory. In factory control strategy is energy savings at lightly loaded conditions. Energy savings by voltage control is achieved by reducing the applied voltage if the load torque requirement can be met with less than rated flux. The paper proposed mobile phones wireless command of three level neutral point clamped (NPC) inverter for the soft starters current with ac variable frequency drives (VFD’s) for jaw crusher three phase induction motor 150hp. The controller system using is designed application with Android phone and Bluetooth protocol parts , the controller consists of phase lock loop (PLL), decoder and ROM(table sine &cosine) is vital for in-phase strategy, the experimental in laboratory tests, and simulation results got from PSIM for power electronics program software, confirm that the control strategy provides satisfactory response and strong stability. The result of energy power consumption (Max = 170kW, Min = 55 kW) roughly 500 data points were collected at 15-minute intervals, that a results of the analysis it seem reduction current and peak demand power consumption behavior of mining factory. The system are used as a guideline for analyzing and design of the mobile phones controlled system. Index Terms - Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Jaw Crusher, Soft Stat, Demand Response (DR), Peak Demand Reduction (PDR), Three level NPC inverter.