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The Effect of Source/Drain Gaussian Doping Profile on the Behavior of Graphene Nanoribbon Field Effect Transistor

To simulate the quantum effect in Graphene nanoribbon field effect transistor, we use the inevitable method, where is defined by the resolution of Schrödinger- Poisson couple self-consistently within Nonequilibrium Green's function (NEGF) formalism. The aims of this study, are to define the effect of source/drain doping profile on the characteristic of Graphene nanoribbon field effect transistor. According to this objective, we proposed a new structure called Gaussian Doping Drain and Source Graphene Nanoribbon Field Effect Transistor (GDDS GNRFET), and compared the obtained result with conventional structure (GNRFET). After analysing all structures, we can consider the proposed device as a promising candidate for digital application. Keywords - GNRFET, Gaussian profile, NEGF, Schrödinger- Poisson, quantum effect.