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IoT Based Smart Energy Meter

The demand for power has increased exponentially over the last century , one avenue through which today’s energy problems can be addressed is through the reduction of energy usage in households .This has increased the emphasis on the need for accurate and economic methods of power measurement. The main object of the project is to develop smart Energy Meter is not only measure the consumer’s power consumption in KWH but also to enable and support real consumption in rupees according to consumer tariff, so meter reader don’t need to visit each customer for the consumed data collection and to distributed the bill slips. In our project, A Node MCU, Arduino Controller, has been used. By using this controller the readings of the Energy Meter are been directly given to our website. The tariff applicable to the consumer is displayed on the home page of each individual consumer on his/her account. Also a facility is given for directly cutting-off of supply from consumer’s online account. Also the utility can cut-off the supply if the consumer doesn’t pay the bill. The use of GSM module provides a feature of notification through SMS. Online payment facility is also made.