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Implementation of Children Tracking System Using ARM7 Microcontroller

Recently, all over the world, crime against children is increasing at higher rates and it is high time to offer safety support system for the children going to schools.The proposed system includes a child module and two receiver modules for getting the Information about the missed child on periodical basis. The child module includes ARM7 microcontroller (LPC 2148), Global positioning system (GPS), and Global system for mobile Communication (GSM), and the receiver module includes mobile phone device in parent’s hand.Finally, implementation results for the proposed system are provided in this paper. Main objective of this project is to find out the location of the person who was missed. Tracking system is one of the hot topics in embedded systems industry. By using this project a person or vehicle can be tracked anywhere on the globe. In this ARM controller controls the modules like LCD, GPS module and GSM modem. The ARM controller will poll GPS module sends the vehicle location information (Latitude & Longitude) to any person over GSM network. One more best feature is when ever any authorized person or parent sends message to GSM Modem placed in the transmitter which is with the missed person. The location is tracked by the GPS module and these values are send to the parent or authorized person through the GSM at the transmitter. The whole system is integrated in a small chip and attached to the person body.