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Employing Ultraviolet Portion of the Solar Spectrum for Green Energy Generation in Terrestrial Applications

The paper aims at Hydrogen and Oxygen generation by means of thermolysis of sea water (available in abundance) using the UV spectrum of the direct sun light. Owing to this demand, for 01 liter of sea water, a prototype is designed, comprising of optical circuits as input stages for extraction and concentration of the UVA and UVB irradiance of sun light. These concentrated rays are made to fall simultaneously upon commercially available, UV based Nitride solar cells (In0.33Ga0.67N/Si) array to generate 3.67kWh of electricity from 30 such cells and 0.0011kWh on water to raise its temperature up to 850oC. Including a loss factor of 1.5, the total required amount of energy ~6 kWh is used for Hydrogen and Oxygen generation. In both cases dual axis tracking systems are employed for the lens assembly alignment and active light concentration maintaining stages for cells and water separately. Before raising the temperature of the sea water it is processed through desalination setup to be used in solid oxide electrolyzer cell (SOEC) especially designed for high temperature thermolysis. In this case, an optimization process is rigorously followed in order to adjust the light concentration for maintaining a fixed temperature of interest, cell types and their number selection to fulfill the energy demand. The Hydrogen and Oxygen thus produced can later be used for various applications. Keywords - UV System, Hydrogen extraction, Green Energy