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Mitigation Of Power Quality Disturbances Using Discrete Wavelet Transforms And Active Power Filters

Power quality (PQ) issue has attained considerable attention in the last decade due to large penetration of power electronics based loads and/or microprocessor based controlled loads. An electrical power system is expected to deliver undistorted sinusoidal rated voltage and current continuously at rated frequency to the end users. To minimize power quality disturbances and to devise suitable corrective and preventive measures, efficient detection and classification techniques are required in the emerging power systems. Through effective power monitoring, system errors can be classified at an earlier stage and thus the safety and reliability can be improved. This paper presents an approach that is able to provide the detection and location in time as well as the identification of power quality problems present in both transient and steady stable signals.The method was developed by using the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) analysis. By using this technique, the time information and frequency information can be unified as a visualization scheme, facilitating the control of electric power signals. To improve its computation performance, the design has first implemented in Matlab/Simulink TM environment.