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New Idea for Decreasing Operative Costs of Multilevel Inverters

Multilevel inverters (MLI’s) utilized extensively for high power and medium power DC-AC conversion. Scientists are working on decrease total operative cost and improve the working competence of the multilevel inverter. In this article we will present a new multilevel hybrid inverter which employs eight active powers electronics switches accompanied by asymmetric DC voltage source configuration to synthesize 9-level waveform and yields lower Total harmonic distortion(THD) profile assessments to present usual topologies. SPWM procedure use as a control signal for power electronics switches. Also this article presents output voltage waveforms and total harmonic distortion (THD) for single phase multilevel Inverter, starting from 5-level to 9-level. Outcome proved with the Matlab/Simulation, result showing as the number of levels intensifications the %THD will be reduced. Keywords - Invertor design,Total harmonic distortion, Waveform analysis, SPWM procedure.