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NVH Analysis and Measurement Correlation of Electrical Starter Motor for Automotive Vehicles

Automotive passenger car technology demands more on the driving comfort and safety measures which are directly relates to the Vehicle durability. The vibration in starter motor which caused by the structural design involves the rotational and non-rotational components. To predict the vibration level for the whole starter motor as a system and test it to the NVH aspects for the customer requirement during the design stage is the critical needs. The method of analysis is followed by the Finite element method which includes the lumped mass concept, and modal analysis with harmonic analysis for the Vehicle level vibration loads. The paper work results the mode of the starter motor and resonance frequency of the starter motor system along with stress amplitude for the durability predictions. The many of the others’ paper study talks about the Stress analysis for the design indent during the conceptual stage. But this paper dealt the vibration aspect analysis to prevent comfortless during the engine start up and improve the Durability life. In the NVH simulation results, the mode shapes and resonance frequency was extracted and explained which are directly relates to the engine systems frequency and also the Starter motor components level design was focused for the NVH by the vibration dynamic simulation to meet the customer specifications. The simulation methodology for Starter motor is established and prediction process of NVH level for the starter motor is implemented. Keywords - FEA, Starter motor vibration, Dynamic analysis, Engine and Automotive Vehicle.