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Electrical Power Generation from Microbial Fuel Cell using Organic Manure

The world today is facing a greater energy crisis because of the depletion of fossil fuels. The alternative energy resources are not enough to meet our energy demands. Safeguarding environment is also parallel constraint in such alternative energy generation. So researchers have developed microbial fuel cells for power generation. This research paper discusses about the concept of microbial fuel cell for power generation using “Panchakavya” an organic manure used as electrolyte solution. Panchakavya is made up of mixing several types of organic materials available in nature for agriculture purpose. Sulfonated form of hydro carbon polymer type ion exchange membrane is used to separate the anode and cathode compartment. Micro-organism present in this panchakavya is participating in catalytic reaction to generate power in the microbial fuel cell. Experimentation is carried out in panchakavya for few hours to several days to observe the performance. Proposed MFC proves that power is generated and comparable with existing method. Hence the proposed MFC is more suitable alternative power generation method for present and future generation.