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Method of Control of Single Phase Islanded Microgrid consists of Hybrid Source for Power Management and Load Sharing

A load sharing and power management strategy for an islanded microgrid consisting of PV/ battery units sis proposed in this paper. The method is used not only for separate PV and battery units but for hybrid version of those units. The communication between the units is not considered here. The available PV power and the conditions of battery units is taken in to account in order to share the load between the units. All microgrid conditions are analyzed by dividing the operation of each unit into five states. According to these states active power frequency droop equations are modified. The switching between the states is achieved by triggering of frequency level. The simulink model consisting of two hybrid units are used to validate the proposed method under different load and PV generation. Keywords - Power management, hybrid PV/battery unit, frequency control, State of charge (SoC).