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Power Quality Improvement by using CHB Inverter based DVR

Power quality is one of the major concerns in the power system. Power quality problem occurred due to non-linear load in distribution network and its severe impact on sensitive loads. To overcome this problem, the DVR is a modern and important custom power device for compensation of voltage sags in power distribution system, which is efficient and effective power electronics device. The DVR is a series connection device which injects an appropriate voltage to restore a voltage waveform and ensure constant load voltage. This paper presents the design and analysis of a DVR which employing 7-level cascade H-bridge inverter. The CHB based inverter enables the DVR to connect directly to the distribution network which eliminates the series injection transformer. The modeling and performance of DVR is analyzed using MATLAB software. Keywords - Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), Power Quality (PQ), Cascade H-Bridge Inverter (CHB)