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Comparison of Two Different Designs of Planar Spiral Antenna to Detect The Partial Discharge Characteristics in Metallic Enclosed High Voltage Equipment

This study will discusses measurement of partial discharge in metallic enclosed high voltage equipment.Basically the high voltage equipment often occurs damage coused by incorrect set-up, insulation problems and mismatch error level of voltage/power used.However, based on the results of the study before was showed 80% of damage occurred in insulation disturbances.Method for determining insulation quality can be done by measurement the partial discharge. Based on the standard IEC 60270, one of the most commonly used the method of partial discharge measurement is UHF (Ultra high frequency) method[1]. This method measures how large the electromagnetic waves generated by the partial discharge, so that the measurement results can be used to determine whether the high voltage equipment is in good condition or there are symptoms of damage. The UHF method uses antenna sensors to detect partial discharges, the antennas used are spiral antennas. In this research will compare two types of spiral antenna designs: archimedean spiral antenna and rectangular spiral antenna simulated using CSTstudio suite software. From the CST simulation can be known the value of VSWR and Return Losse to measure the level of sensitivity and quality of the best spiral antenna. The value of the VSWR will less than 2 and the value of Return Losse is more than -10 that the meaning of the antenna is good antenna chategorize[2]. Keywords - Partial discharge, spiral antenna, archimedean spiral antenna, rectangular spiral antenna.