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Solar Wind Hybrid Energy System

The demand for more energy makes us seek new energy sources with developing technologies. The most important application field of this search is renewable energy resources.wind-solar hybrid system is a reliable alternative energy source because it uses solar energy combined with wind energy to create a stand-alone energy source that is both dependable and consistent. Solar power or wind power alone can fluctuate, when used together they provide a reliable source of energy. The perfect solution is to combine these two forms of energy sources to create a constant energy flow. Main objective of this paper is to optimize stand-alone solar-wind hybrid power system and to maximize use of renewable energy generation system while minimizing the total system cost. This work covers realization of a hybrid renewable energy system for a domestic application, which runs under a microcontroller to utilize the solar and wind power. This project is implemented in accordance with available line-electricity. Batteries in the system are charged by either wind power via a small alternator or solar power via an MPPT Module. System control relies mainly on microcontroller. Keyword— Solar, wind, Hybrid Sysytem.