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Small Signal Stability Analysis using Facts Devices of Power System Incorporated with Solar PV Generation with High Penetration

The tremendous increase in electricity consumption across the globe has forced the conventional grid to operate under heavy loading conditions. To compensate these heavy loading conditions, alternative measures have been adopted in recent times. These alternative measures include switching onto the renewable energy sources for the generation of electric power. Solar PV and Wind Energy Systems have proved to be of great potential in the past few years. Integrating the Solar PV and Wind Energy Systems with the conventional grid has proved to be a great boon to the power industry. In this paper, we shall study about the Solar PV integration, a comparison between the efficiency of Solar PV systems and Wind Energy Systems, the impacts of Solar PV integration with the conventional grid and about the methods to mitigate the problems arising from the increased Solar PV integration (penetration) in the conventional grid. Keywords- Renewable Energy Sources, Solar PV systems, Wind Energy Systems, Solar PV penetration.