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Energy Management Strategy of Hybrid Power Plant using Renewable Sources

Nowadays cost of electricity from conventional sources is increasing and cost of electricity from the renewable energy sources such as solar and wind is decreasing. However with problems such as intermittency of source, varying electricity prices according to time of the day, of solar panels size, battery discharging rate and battery charging rate; to achieve commercialization and widespread use, we need to define clear strategy to make efficient renewable energy systems use along with traditional electricity source. To address these challenges, we are proposing an algorithm in this paper, which makes efficient use of grid-connected roof-top solar with battery storage. The objective is to maximize the savings in electricity bill by decreasing the power drawn from the grid during high grid prices. The charge controller of battery uses this algorithm for making decision on charging or discharging of the battery or keeping it in idle mode. The algorithm is coded in MATLAB but can be adapted to any language of choice because of its simplicity. The obtained results show effective savings on monthly electricity bill. Keywords - Energy Management, Time of the day pricing, Battery charging rate