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Microcontroller based Optimization of Power Plant for Telecommunication Networks

Modern telecommunication sector is ultimately require continuous power for communicating equipment. For accomplish the power need of this equipment, we have to make a good structural design and an optimal system be required to do this job. Telecom equipment need dc power which is supplied by battery bank, for this main AC supply from grid station is converted into DC through rectifiers and this DC is used to charge battery. In case of failure of main AC supply there is standby power system which can transfer the load from main AC supply to standby source without any trouble. Most of the time this standby or backup system is diesel generator set which can start immediately and charge the batteries. The power capacity of telecom equipment is between 39 to 43.5 dc volts. In this paper, an optimizing technique is introduced which based on microcontroller operation to powering and switching telecommunicating equipment in case of failure of main grid supply. To meet above requirements some tool and electronics equipment have to be used. In proposed technique a microcontroller is used whose working is checked in Proteus software by simulating telecommunication System to obtain proficient and useful results. The major effort is to provide electrical power for telecom equipment in due time. The changeover power operations and switching of loads between battery and diesel generator set is done by using relays, which takes instructions from programmed microcontroller. Keywords - Microcontroller, Optimization, Telecom network, Proteus Software , Battery bank, Dc power.