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Reconfigurable Analog to Digital Convertor for Software Defined Radio

This paper presents a, analog to digital convertor using Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology and different types of convertors. SDR is a radio in which some or all of the physical layer functions are software defined. These functions include modulation, multiplexing, amplification, mixing, multiple access and other transmitter and receiver processes. One of the major practical problems in the communication system is limited bandwidth, power consumption, energy management, size and cost. These types of problems are removed by the use of reconfigurability in the system. A Reconfigurable ADC is that which can digitize signal over a wide range of frequency and resolution. With the changing platform, the frequency, resolution and bandwidth specifications are also changed. SDR is a technology which is flexible in nature hence we can design an ADC whose specifications according to the requirement also changes. A design is proposed in this report using LabVIEW software in which input is sampled and quantized using the basic formulae. Quantized values are stored in an array. After that, encoding is done by finding the quantized value in the array and then providing the code to it. Resolution and the input voltage range can be changed at any stage as per the user requirement. This is all done by only changing the software. The hardware is same for the different specifications. It is the main advantage of using this technology to design the convertors for different applications. Keywords - Analog to Digital Conversion, Software Defined Radio, Low Noise Amplifier, Radio Frequency, Virtual Instrument