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Visible Light Data Transmission

In this era of wireless technology, the transmission, emission reception of signals or messages is through a band of frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum. Mostly widely known and used are radio frequencies which has not only open the doors for wireless medium across the world, but also has been used so much with increasing population that is leading to a warning of "RF SPECTRUM CRISIS". It's not limited now but has also given exposure to health deteriorating conditions for upcoming and existing generations. One such alternating approach is to explore the visible light bandwidth of our spectrum which over the years have not been paid much attention, Dr. Harald Haas of university of Edinburg explored the visible light bandwidth of spectrum that can relieve the spectral utilization. Visible Light communication is the Optical wireless communication technique which tells us that “lightning is a commodity and can be used for the same use the RF has been used for so many years and eventually replace the RF in future. Light can be used for high speed data transmission enabled by LED- the heart of energy efficient illumination. Hence, Dr. Harald Haas coined the term "LI-FI-light fidelity". Keywords-Visible Light Communication, VLC, Radio Frequency(RF), Light Fidelity, Li-Fi, Wireless Communication, Wi- Fi, spectrum.