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Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wifi Application

In today’s world Wireless technology is one of the important areas of research in the world of communication systems and a study of Micro-strip (patch) antennas give fast and efficient approach to wireless communication systems because micro-strip antennas can be printed directly onto a circuit board. These type of antennas are becoming very popular in the mobile phone market. Micro-strip patch antennas have low profile, low cost and can be fabricated easily. Initially design of the Micro-strip patch antenna for single frequency and then after successful simulation of single frequency, design of Micro-strip Patch Antenna for other Wifi application & its fabrication. The antenna will be design base on optimization and characteristics analysis. The major objective of this project is to develop the antenna which have higher directivity, higher gain, wide bandwidth and higher efficiency. Proposed antenna uses platform of CST Microwave Studio, this EDA tool give better approximation and analysis of electromagnetic structures. Currently this antenna is widely accepted, enhancement of some more parameters will be there of this antenna like Spurious feed radiation, cross polarization etc. and this will help in effective radiation from fringing field. Keywords - CAD-Computer Aided Design, CST-Computer Simulation Technology, RHCP - Right Hand Circular Polarization, LHCP-Left Hand Circular Polarization, VSWR-Voltage Standing wave Ratio, s-Parameter-Spectrum Parameter, PCB-Printed Circuit Board.