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Smart Irrigation System using LABVIEW and IOT

Now a days ,it is important to save the water for farming, the farmer can not be only depend on rain water. For the growth of plant appropriate soil water level is necessary and for that the fields should have proper irrigation level. To monitor and indicate the soil moisture level we have to design easy and simple method, this is the main objective of this paper. Using the LABview as monitoring software the optimization of resources will done and at the same time growth of plant will achieved and directly seen the sensor data on internet. For the replacement of expensive controllers the Arduino will be used in this project. To analyze signals such as moisture, rain and temperature from sensor the arduino at mega programmed. Especially in rural areas the manufacturing cost matters, So we are using easily available components, it reduces the maintenance cost also. Keywords - IOT, LABVIEW, Rain sensor, Soil Sensor, Arduino ,Laptop.