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Damage Detection in Buildings using Digital Image Processing

In the past few years, technology has grown at a high speed dependent on electronic devices and their applications. It has thus led to the idea of developing a digital image processing systems that can be used for various purposes. This paper is about how we can detect the damage in the buildings in the remotely sensed areas. There are many algorithms for digital image processing. These methods includes various processes like thresholding, morphological operations and GUI based demonstrations, spectral and texture analysis, and segmentation. The three important approaches used in digital image processing to describe the texture of a region are the statistical approach, structural and spectral approach. Texture properties plays a major role in the damaged building detection. The method which we have proposed in this project uses the textural features for the detection of damage in the buildings in the crisis areas. Keywords - Segmentation, Edge detection, Dilation , Erosion, Closing, Opening, Texture analysis.