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Robotic Arm using Haptic Technology based on Bluetooth Module

Robots are very useful in today’s life .the basic idea behind making any robot is to reduce time as well as human effort. According to the requirement different types of robots can be designed or implemented with the help of automation. In today’s world most of the robots are self-controlled with the help of programming. As many issues exist in the market we can use the haptic technology to overcome the control issues. The main idea to build a robotic arm is control the actions and perform various tasks with the help of wireless technology. Glove and the robotic arm is the main transmitter and receiver part of our project. Bluetooth module decides the range for the movements of the robotic arm. The robot is designed and develops to perform task through wireless system by recognizing motion of hand which is controlled by haptic technology. It is reliable for virtual environment and capable in interaction with human machine systems. Keywords - Robotic arm, Robotic Glove, Haptic Technology.