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Smart Channel Selection in Cognitive Radio Networks using Labview: An Introduction

The drastic increase in the demand of the wireless services and devices gives rise to a major problem to fulfill the increasing demand of spectrum bands for future services. However almost all the radio spectrum is distributed for different services, applications and users. Observation by different agencies shows that the usage of spectrum is quite low i.e. the spectrum bandwidth is not fully utilized which results in the wastage of spectrum band. This wastage of spectrum band gives rise to a serious problem of spectrum deficiency for rest of the services or devices which are not allotted any spectrum. To overcome this problem and increase the efficiency of the spectrum bandwidth, the concept of cognitive radio network has been evolved. In cognitive radio network there are transmitter and receiver that can intelligently detect the communication channels that are in use and those which are not in use are known as cognitive radio, and it can move to unused channels. Through this technology it is possible to use the available radio frequency spectrum with minimum interference with other users. This technology has capability to learn and adapt their wireless transmission according to the surrounding radio environment. In this paper we will also discuss about the LabVIEW and USRP. Keywords - Cognitive Radio Network, Spectrum Sensing, Spectrum Management, Universal Serial Radio Peripheral (USRP), LabVIEW, Energy Detection.