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Voice Controlled Home Automation and Vehicle Motion

Since last few decades,there has been sudden hike in technological advancement . Dependency on electronic devices and appliances has gradually escalated. Eventually it has resulted in formation of home automation system .The paper deals with the home automation system using voice command to give instructions using smartphone to enable vehicle motion in the given direction. Hence project mainly involve important components: an Atmega 328 microcontroller for communication among external appliances, an ESP8266 wifi module to provide a specific range, and a smartphone having authentication to Android application specified for home automation. This complete system verifies voice command for every user with google apk command sensing development tool. It also enable decoding of the user’s voice command and withdraw the exact meaning of command imposed. The paper deals with the layout and design of wifi oriented home automation system.Using relays all the electrical applicances are connected which is dependent on standalone atmega 328 wifi board.Thus, smartphone communicates with the Atmega 328 using the ESP8266 WIFI Module. The chief goal for establishment of the system is to be provide economical and scalable ,according to the requirements. Password privacy is being set up so that no other user can connect via the wifi encryption. Keywords— HAS, Android, Smart Speech Sense, WiFi module.