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Mugging Supervision through Object Revealation

Delhi based Arts and Handicrafts company, YASIN SHAWALS has allowed us to make an effective solution to detect mugging and burglary in their work place. This firm was established in the year 2000 and since its inception it has achieved the milestone in International Trade of Kashmiri goods and handicrafts . We have presented an idea to detect the object with the help of digital image processing tool. The project is being sponsored by firm in exchange of detecting the motion of smallest object from one place to another in their store house. Through this project security of articulated goods are being modified. For increasing the security, Blackt Electrotech we60 Degree PIR Motion sensor is being interfaced with the charged couple device webcam Logitech webcam camera with a picture resolution of 14 MP. Image acquisition tool is used to capture the image of test place taken the platform of image processing and then an algorithm is used for image enhancement. Very minute observation are being made on wavelets and different layers and morphological operations are performed for transforming the image into GRAY level. These transformed images undergo segmentation and with the help of filter edges are detected. Recognition of object is done through Hough Transformation and finally different images are compared by using MATLAB. Keywords - PI Motion Sensors; MATLAB; Charged Couple Device Web camera