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Wireless Moisture Sensor using Microstrip Patch Antenna

This document gives insight to the process of moisture determination. Moisture content is essential for assessing agricultural as well as food quality. Since moisture content plays an important role in processing, stability, and quality, moisture content becomes a fundamental feature. Freshness of a product is a measure of its quality thereby, becoming one of the key aspects of a consumer while buying a product. Moreover, it becomes essential to preserve the natural moisture quantity of the freshly produced products. The price of latex is inversely proportional to the amount of moisture content found in the fresh material. For the purpose of achieving maximum head rice and minimum broken rice, the percentage of ideal moisture content during milling is 14%. While rice grain is harvested when the amount of moisture present is around 19% to 25% to have maximum grain yield, it is dried till the moisture content lowers to 14% or less. Thereby, we have proposed to build a moisture sensor based on wireless technology using microstrip patch antenna as a sensor. This sensor works on the backscatter property. By collecting the backscattered power, we can compare the powers and sense moisture. Keywords— Moisture Content, Backscatter Property, Microstrip Patch Antenna, Dielectric, Sensor