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4 Channel Demultiplexer based on Photonic Crystal

Photonic crystals are periodic optical nano structures that bear upon the motion of photons. Photonics play an important role driving innovation in an increasing number of fields. The application of photonics spreads across several sectors: from optical data communications to imaging, lighting and displays; from the manufacturing sector to life sciences, health care, security and safety[17]. We design a structure of 4 channel demux using photonic crystal, it has one horizontal input and four vertical output. Then we plot the graph between the transmission flux and frequency at each output port of the demultiplexer. Then we compared the transmission spectrum of both the design and found that the transmission flux of D2 is greater than D1 which is the main characteristic required for communication Keywords - Photonic Crystals; Demultiplexer; Channel Spacing; Photonic Band Gap