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Smart Parking Management System

With the continuous hike in industrial and economic development in a country like India; we observe a constant increase in population and an ever increasing use of automobiles with no proper administration over the parking areas available. This in turn has resulted in a lot of parking related problems. What we need is an intelligent, stable, proficient and a trustworthy system which will help us to search and display the unoccupied parking facility, guidance towards the available parking arena along with the proper administration of the facility. Smart parking management system is a part of I.T.S. (Intelligent Transportation Systems). The paper reviews the smart parking management system that can be installed in existing indoor and underground parking lots which will be used for parking guidance, booking parking slots using internet, parking facility management and also helps to recognize and understand the economic research of similar projects. The managing system is designed as such in order to diminish the issues emerging due to the absence of an intelligent, stable, proficient and a trustworthy system and the research of similar projects will help us create a more feasible system. Keywords - L.C.D-Liquid Crystal Display, IOT-Internet of things, IR-Infra Red,ITS-Intelligent Transportation Systems,I.D.E.-Integerated Development Environment,PWM-Pulse Width Modulation, RGBLED-Red Green Blue Light emiiting diode.