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Performance Evaluation on Sub-Optimum Algorithm for Trellis-based Slm in Fbmc-Oqam System

The Trellis-based SLM (TSLM) has a good peak reduction performance in the filter bank multi-carrier with offset quadrature amplitude modulation (FBMC-OQAM), which will be selected a candidate for the next generation mobile communication systems. However, the calculation processing for getting of optimum phase pattern is very high in the Trellis-based SLM that it costs the time and power consumption on the mobile terminal. We proposed the sub-optimum algorithm for SLM scheme in FBMC-OQAM system. The proposed scheme shows computational complexity smaller than trellis-based SLM scheme with a little degradation of PAPR reduction performance and out-band spectrum regrowth. We use various computer simulation to verifying efficiencies of the proposed scheme with multi-level OQAM in the nonlinear channel. Keywords: FBMC-OQAM, PAPR, Trellis-based SLM and Nonlinear channel.