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The Study and Development of Solar On-Grid System for Community

On-grid system is electricity generation from solar cell that transfer DC to AC. There are 2 types of electricity generation; 1) generation for Metropolitan Electricity Authority and 2) generation for using in household. The aims of this research were studied and simulation the solar on-grid system and applied into household. The simulation of solar on-grid system was tested within 7 days that can be measured 16.8 units, and the average of electricity generation 2.4 units per day or 2,400 Watt per day. The efficiency of on-grid inverter is 94%, therefore the electronic equipment such as LED TV, light, air condition can be used. Generally, in countryside was use fan instead of air condition, thus the calculation of electricity is 0.8 units. In one month was use electricity 19.2 units, it can be safe money and electricity from grid. Therefore, the satisfaction from community is 93% Keywords - Solar cell on-grid system, electricity energy, community