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Arduino based Decade Counter

This paper presents a 0 to 9 counter circuit constructed using ARDUINO UNO. A common anode seven segment display is connected to the microcontroller for displaying the digits. The code allows push button increment of the counter from 0 to 9. The whole circuit is powered from a standard 9V PP3/6FF22 battery. Seven segment LED displayLT542, a combination of 8 LED’s (the decimal point –DP- is the 8th) is used to display the decade counter. The software used to implement the code is ARDUINO Integrated Development Environment 1.0. The code can be further multiplexed to run different symbols such as colon, apostrophe, alphabets etc. Keywords - ARDUINO UNO, Seven segment display, multiple displays, Decimal Point, ARDUINO IDE 1.0, Display digits, LT542, Common Cathode/Anode display.