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Designing Of Transmitter And Receiver Using Inverse Fast Fourier Transform And Fast Fourier Transform In OFDM System

In recent years with the rapid growth of digital communication, the need for high-speed data transmission has been increased. Many systems have been proposed and OFDM system has gained much attention for different reasons. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has been recognized as an outstanding method for high-speed cellular data communication where its implementation relies on very high-speed digital signal processing. OFDM system are used to transmit high speed data rate. The OFDM is used in various systems like Digital Television, Wireless Local Area Networks (LANs), Hiperlan 2, ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber loop), High speed data transmitted along existing, Mobile telephony etc. The principles of OFDM modulation have been around since 1960s. However, recently, the attention toward OFDM has grown dramatically in the field of wireless and wired communication systems. In this work, a pure VHDL design, integrated with some intellectual property (IP) blocks, is employed to implement an OFDM transmitter and receiver. In this paper design of OFDM system using Inverse Fast Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform blocks in transmitter and receiver side respectively.