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Invisible Sensors In Atmosphere

Sensors and Sensor Networks play an important role in extending the capability “Standard Surveillance Systems”. But how far does it extend? Can the present age sensors sense something or someone without any infrastructure? Without any equipment? Or can someone who is in India, track a person who is in Canada without any pre-exiting base station present in Canada? The answer is obviously no. In this paper, proposed solutions range from providing all time surveillance wherever whenever in this earth without any pre-existing infrastructure not even satellite. We have looked beyond the shell, and came up with an idea of using “INVISIBLE SENSORS IN ATMOSPHERE”. A sensor which is basically not a sensor of this generation, a sensor which can reform image, position, motion of a foreign body with only basic minute hardware required (irrespective of distance) .We have created theoretically a device called “RECETRAN” which will fulfill our idea practically. However for better understanding purpose concepts like ‘An Automated self-localization mechanism (which is the key to modern sensor networks) and Blob Extraction techniques are explained and also the standard surveillance systems that are able to detect and track people moving in the observed scene to advanced surveillance systems based on Multiple Sensor Networks (optical, infrared, thermal, radar etc) that are able to understand complex human behavior automatically detect and recognize their faces to discover their identity by means of specific biometric features are explained in this paper. This paper also describes about Radiation Sensors (infrared and visible light sensors which are used in cameras and night vision systems) which transforms incident radiant signals into standard electrical signals to be used for data collection, processing and storage and many others like infrared detectors, actuators are explained as they are prime elements in our device Recetran. Security issues are very important in proper control of surveillance systems (which are commonly ignored by the designer) and hence the basic security measures are viewed.