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Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Clustered Gravitational Search Algorithm

Gravitational search algorithm (GSA) is based on the law of gravity and a mass of interaction. In GSA, the searcher agents are a collection of masses which interact with each other based on the Newtonian gravity and the laws of motion. This paper proposes a new clustered gravitational search algorithm (CGSA) to accelerate the performance of the GSA. Here, the whole population is divided into three basic groups: namely the leader, the follower and the freelancer. In this way, the exploration in GSA is kept alive without killing the exploitation. To validate the proposed CGSA, the economic dispatch problem (EDP) is solved using CGSA for IEEE 30 bus system and 40 unit system. The performance of the proposed approach reveals the efficiency and robustness when compared results of other optimization algorithms reported in literature.