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Cloud-Based Service For Electronic Medical Record Exchange

The importance of healthcare information technology has increased dramatically during the past few years. This information requires a large storage space. Cloud computing is known for its fast computation capability. Through cloud computing, the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in a hospital can be integrated, to facilitate the exchange and sharing of electronic medical records. It raised the importance of interoperability and data exchange between e-health applications and Health Information Systems, which resulted in increased concerns for securing sensitive data and data exchange. This data can be accessed by various Hospitals, Insurance companies and Patients. This project emphasizes standardizing a data exchange mechanism and interoperability between Health Information Systems (HIS) and e-health applications across a cloud-based service. The proposed service provides an entry for retrieving Electronic Medical Records among the various Health Information Systems that a patient record is stored in and for any e-health application seeking such information. Moreover, this proposes a unified secure platform that provides developers, health care providers, and organizations access to a framework to retrieve and manage medical records and Personal Health Records (PHR) among various subscribers.